… the first one you see when you walk into Barnes and Noble? It says, in strong yet inviting letters: “New Arrivals.” The table you always glance at first; where you check out what’s hot; where you discern what thousands of other people must be reading (because if B&N puts it on THAT table it MUST be a hot new book, no?)

Of course it must be. Which is exactly where our volume II in the Happy series will be in August! What Happy Parents Do was just selected to take its place beside the other hot new books below the “New Arrivals” table sign at B&N stores all over the country!

And can you even believe that we forgot to tell you that our dear second child (What Happy Parents Do) is currently in Hong Kong, with all sorts of adorable little chinese characters in the margins, getting printed, bound, and its beautiful self all ready to make its debut back here in the U.S. in August. Ah, giving birth to a book. It’s such a glorious process.

Stay tuned for news of the 3rd child in the Happy family of books …. ?