“Honey, I just read on the Happy Couple Blog that one of the authors is doing a happy couple talk at the University of St. Thomas tomorrow night! (Feb 7, 2012 from 7-8:30 p.m., OEC auditorium). We should go … make it a date! Fun, eh?”

“Well .. hmmm … um … I dunno. I kind of wanted to just be home tomorrow night. You know. Relax. It’s a Tuesday. Let’s just watch TV or sit side-by-side on our laptops and pretend that we are enjoying each other’s company.”

“Silly. No! We can do that every other night. But we have this really cool opportunity to hear the author of that cute book with the belly button fuzz story and the bare-chested hugs. It will be lively, interesting, funny, and inspiring! We could go and get all jazzed and educated about being an even happier couple than we already are!”

… “And on the blog I read that if I mention that I saw the invitation on the WHCD blog, we get in FREE! There are already over 200 people registered and they all had to pay $15 each to attend. Seriously – this is a deal. An hour of free knowledge about YOU and ME. Screamin’ deal, I say. Let’s go!”

“Well … hmmm … um … okay. If you insist. But only if you promise not to raise your hand and share our cute little nicknames, okay my little twizzler?”

“Promise! And you have to agree to hold my hand during the talk so we can really tune into each other and all of the great, most contemporary research on how we can be a happy, happy, giddy, crazy-happy couple. K?”

“Yes, sugarlumps. I will”

WHCD blog Readers: as a thank you for reading this blog loyally, you were just invited to attend the What Happy Couples Do lecture I’ve agreed to do tomorrow night and am – gulp – being told is selling tickets like crazy. Looking like 225 or more in attendance, oh my! But no ticket needed for you. Just walk up, mention to the nice lady named Susan at the door that you read this invitation on the Happy Couple Blog, and walk right in for free (it’s on me). Then commence to enjoy the surely-interesting and always-engaging lecture (I’m saying that out loud, hoping it will then happen! Positive psychology, I think it’s called).

Come. Participate. Enjoy (I pray!) There will be beverages, sweets and books for sale after.

If you hate the talk, just smile and pretend you don’t, okay honey-pumpkin-sugar-face-cup-cake-blog-reading-pals-of-mine? Sometimes we happy couple-types just need to fake it until we can make it. Right on.

Oh, and if you can’t get your date or mate to join you, no problem. There will be much to learn about becoming a better member of your couple-team. Promise! Come one, come in twos, just come!